Have you ever wanted to get into a story? I mean right into it? Be part of the action?

Well now you can! With Mr Glue stories you can choose a book and put your own name into it. Put your friends in too if you like, and choose bits of the story as it goes along. (Meet the Glue Crew here!)

For those artists among you – get drawing! You can colour in the pictures that are already there and add your own.

And for the performers – record the story! There are sound effects that you can put in from the recording studio and some of the pages have music attached. Have a go!

Then providing you’ve got an internet connection, you can upload and email the book to someone. Perhaps the friend you put into the story? Or maybe to someone in your family?

The Glue Crew Story

You might want to catch up with the Glue Crew story, which will soon be posted at the bottom of this page. Every couple of days there will be a new chapter. If you would like to, please send us your ideas of how you would like the story to develop. If you send us your illustrations, we will add them to the story as we go.

Mr Glue Book Review

The other thing you might like to join in with is the weekly Mr Glue Book Review, which we are hoping to start very soon. It’s a review by kids for kids, talking for a few minutes about favourite books. Send us an email to bookreview@mrgluestories.com and we can fill you in!

Have fun!

Read from the beginning, Chapter 1, or read the latest chapter below:

Chapter 90

It is time to go back to the Writer, the Artist and Clorabella Swish, who are currently in the middle of a half painted desert. ‘I am unamused,’ declared Clorabella. ‘Oh dear,’ said the Writer, thinking to herself that she really should stop creating characters who frightened her. It was so difficult when she actually… Read more »