So now for the scary bit: testing in schools!

We sent it out to several schools – some I went into, to see how the testing was going (lots of deep breaths to steady nerves) and some I didn’t, so that we could see how it went if I wasn’t there making helpful suggestions.

The response was really positive.  The ‘wow’ factor definitely seemed to be the recording part and the sound effects…. but the funny thing was that sometimes the children completely missed it or weren’t sure how to make it work.  So back to the drawing board in terms of Jose redrawing the recording icon adding wonderful flashing lights.  Luckily, this seemed to work better.  A few other little bits and bobs, but otherwise people seemed to like it. (Phew!! )

One thing made me laugh: a child came up to tell me that they had tried it out in one of the classes. Child: ‘Everyone really liked it.’ Me ‘Really? That’s great!’ Child: ‘Yes. In fact Jack was so excited he had to go on Time Out to calm down.’

Now that’s what I like to hear.

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