I have to admit, normally, whenever I see instructions that claim to be ‘perfect’, I avoid them like the plague. There’s something cringingly smug about it. I’m afraidNOTES_label in this case, it is a result of the fact that I was facing a crisis when coming up with a suitable word beginning with ‘P’ Any suggestions, please email them to me at once and I will make the necessary changes, (hello@mrgluestories.com).

I thought that I would include tea in Mission Cookpossible as, with the advent of the tea bag, it is something of a disappearing art – despite the best efforts of companies like Yumchaa.

I remember my mother teaching me to make tea in a teapot using leaves when I was small and I loved the ritual of it. Much later, we found ourselves living round the corner from a branch of Yumchaa, and my children would march me in so that they could spend hours smelling all the little cups full of wonderful tea mixtures that were laid out for the customers’ inspection. Needless to say we always returned home with packages of tea-leaves and then would spend happy times mixing up extraordinary (and sometimes rather challenging to the taste-buds) mixtures.

Top tip: Sorry to start off with an ‘in case of an accident’ sort of tip! Obviously, boiling water is involved with making tea, so an adult about the place is always a good option for this one. One of the best things for a burn, should one occur, is an aloe plant. Definitely worth having one on any kitchen window sill! Snap a little piece off, and rub the gel over the bit of you that is burnt. It’s a wonderful remedy!

Variations: What about planting a little window box with herbs like mint, lemon verbena or lemon balm? You can use fresh leaves with some boiling water poured over. Lovely after a meal!