And it’s on to the next project: Mr Glue Stories and personalised cookery books! Could it be that the team didn’t have quite enough on their plates, so to speak? Not sure. Anyway, it seems that the moment has arrived to launch a cookery book!

In a previous existence, I did a lot of cooking, from restaurant work (amazing, challenging and exhausting) to private cooking jobs (fun but sometimes a bit lonely), to cooking for 250 at a company every day for lunch. This was definitely my favourite job: it was at Christie’s South Kensington. Two of us ran the kitchen.  It was on the top floor of the old warehouse, in which that particular branch of Christie’s has its being.

It was a glorious room: enormous, with a high ceiling, windows running along one wall, a door that was always open so if anyone wanted to pop in, they could, and some really great stories from the auction rooms. That’s probably getting away from the subject though! From the food point of view, it was always a fantastic challenge to see just what you could create for large numbers. I had a little break then from cooking while I went to work as PA to the Managing Director. This probably wasn’t an entirely conventional career path but there you go. Then I had two children and as soon as they were old enough to brandish a wooden spoon we got straight into cookery! I think the long and the short of that particular story, is that I’ve always had a secret yen to write a cookery book, and especially one for children.

My favourite children’s cookery book of all time was a dog eared volume that was second or maybe even third hand by the time it got to me. ‘Floury Fingers‘, by Cecilia Hinde, published in the 1960’s, and beautifully laid out to encourage children to make wonderful treats independently in the kitchen. Since then I’ve got excited about all sorts of children’s cookery books and can spend hours in the bookshop over the road poring through this one and that one.

So what’s the story with the personalised Mr Glue cookery book? Well, the main difference with what we are currently doing, is that this is something that will be possible to order from our website.  This is something that can be personalised (well – that’s the whole Mr Glue thing, isn’t it?!) A child’s name will go into it, and friends, enemies and so forth can be added as usual. There will be a story, the story will involve cooking, and for each dish, there will be options, so you will be able to choose which recipes get included.

We are looking at all sorts of exciting design possibilities, together with the wonderful printers that we are working with: Pureprint. Watch this space and we will be bringing you more details soon! (If you do have a favourite recipe you feel we should include, please do drop us a line on

We are now spending a happy summer up to our elbows in flour, trying out the recipes with all our respective sons, daughters, nephews and nieces (and again, if you would like to join in with the grand testing part of this venture – give us a shout!)

Keep an eye on this space and we will keep you posted!

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