A while ago, my daughter asked me to write a story for her. I did, and I emailed it to her. She was so excited and proud, because it was her own story. She read it and read it and read it.  I thought how wonderful if we could somehow do more of that and give each child their own story.Mr Glue Stories invites a child to be part of a story, add their own details and drawings to that story, to record it and finally to share it as an e-book, or order it as a beautiful, glossy paperback.

Where do the stories come from?

Part of the Mr Glue vision is to give new authors a platform.  We are starting with four stories, written in-house. Collaborating with currently unpublished authors we aim to give you a collection of up to 100 stories, which will be added to regularly.

Behind the scenes

Amelia came up with the idea and wrote a collection of stories.

Jose then brought the whole thing alive with fabulous hand-drawn illustrations.

Lorna appeared and kindly sorted out the editing for us.

Maja wrote a beautiful theme tune and Liz worked with that to create the marvellous music.

Stewart and his sound crew team at Primrose Hill Primary School came up with sound effects- imaginative and fun, the sort of thing that every child could make at home.

Kate gave us the benefit of her wonderful teaching expertise- and she joined in with the sound.

Carrie took us all in hand, shook the whole thing up and made it business-like.

Ben made us a video!