The last few days have been very, very strange. Surreal.

Initially, I thought I’d keep quiet with my post Brexit thoughts – the People have spoken and however much I loathe the result, this is democracy. Then, along with everyone else, I started thinking about the lies that had been peddled by the Leave Campaign. Lies that were being retracted the very next day. And then about the rise in racist hate crime. It makes me want to cry.

For what it’s worth, I thought I just had to say something, and because I am writing this blog with my Mr Glue hat on, what I want to say is this: Mr Glue Stories wouldn’t have happened without the wonderful people who believed in it and had the enthusiasm and expertise to make it happen.

pag_13b_baloonbasket copy


It turned into a wonderful collaboration between people from all over the place. We were introduced to José (Spanish), we loved his illustrations, and he joined the team.

We had a few false starts finding a digital developer and finally came to Leto in Shoreditch. Alex Berezovskiy the CEO, (Russian) and Paulo Goncalves (Portuguese) built the Mr Glue Stories app, Renat Galyamov (Kazakhstani) built the website and the Leto office is ably supported by Marina Hramkova (Latvian). They were (I should say ‘are’!) all wonderful – they brought great expertise, insight and creativity to the project. They were a pleasure to work with.

When I came to putting together the sound, I worked together with Stewart Scudamore (huge mixture of all sorts of nationalities) and his drama group at the local school (also a huge mixture). They brought inventiveness, an excitement and above all, fun to the project. My friend Maja wrote the main theme tune, and she is Slovenian.

Exciting things happen when people from all over the place come together. I really hope and pray (atheist that I am) that what happened last week does not drive projects, plans and people apart.pag_12

It was a privilege to work with this talented, inspiring group of people from so many different countries, and the reactions to what we all created  speak for themselves. Thanks everyone!