A few weeks back I did something that I wish I had done a really very long time ago. Feeling that I should be doing something energetic about marketing Mission Cookpossible in the run-up to Christmas, on a whim,  I googled ‘pr for books’ and (possibly not entirely surprisingly) a website called PR for Books cropped up. (Cue fairy godmother?) For a mighty £195 and the minimum amount of fuss, they put together a press release on the subject of our lovely personalised cookery adventure, and then emailed about 3500 media contacts for us: bloggers, magazines, radio and TV. Just amazing!

Because here’s the thing: you have an idea, you spend hours talking about it and round it and all over it, you think ‘yes, ok, let’s do it’, raise the cash, take a deep breath and jump in. A little while and a lot of effort later there you are with your lovely product and you realise that in actual fact the hard work hasn’t even started! Yes, that’s right – you need to tell the world.

And goodness me – that really is something else!  You read endless (and in my case) daunting articles about the best use of social media, never-ending pieces giving you good advice that makes you quail, and by the time the day comes to a close you are sitting limply in front of your computer wondering why on earth you started all this in the first place. (Help!)

When we launched the Mr Glue Stories app, we were lucky enough to get some amazing reviews and that started off the downloads (at last count 24K – so not too bad really). However, when we came to launch Mission Cookpossible, which is a personalised print on demand book, we realised we were going to have to use an entirely different approach. Much trawling around on the internet, firing off FB, Google+ and Twitter posts, running discounts, competitions – you name it… Somehow we weren’t getting it quite right.

All of a sudden, thanks to PR for Books Mission Cookpossible is in Christmas gift guides, bloggers are blogging and it’s like a door has been opened. As far as helping hands go, this one is pretty wonderful! PR for Books – thank you!


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