Five years ago I was going through the “Why can’t I get my child reading?” conundrum with my daughter, Helen, who had many better things to do at the time, such as sploshing paint about, dressing up and persecuting the cat… Read more

Are you looking for way to promote reading and storytelling? Then MrGlueStories by Chadlington ABC Enterprises Ltd is a great app that will entertain and engage your kids!
Top fun and creative book app for storytelling.
Overall … A original and unique app for your kids to tell and create fun and engaging stories Read more…

Mr Glue stories is an interactive story-telling app. It is a collection of original stories that we will build up over time. Each story can be personalised, and different elements added as you go along. You can add drawings and colour to the illustrations that are already there. You can record the story and add sound effects and music. You can email your creation to a friend or a member of family, for them to look and listen to. Read more

Mr. Glue Stories presents a visual feast in app-form and is an especially unique and polished digital reading experience for kids 4 and up.
Overall this is a stellar new offering in the app store, featuring nicely crafted stories, delightful illustrations with well-produced technical features. The welcoming “Mr. Glue” is sure to set any youngster on a reading adventure for the iPad. Read more

Mr Glue Stories is a unique storybook app full of imagination, character, and loads of creativity. With four stories to personalize, record, add sound effects, and illustrate, this storybook app provides readers with a ton of creative freedom to build, change, and create fun stories at will. The amazing narration and sound effects throughout are highly engaging and the freedom to add your own flair makes this app one of a kind. Read more

Throughout the app, the graphics are of an incredibly high quality, with a consistent and appealing feel and a great attention to detail. Everything about the app is designed to appeal to children, and it fulfils its intentions fully and fantastically. The sound effects are also of a very high quality, and both the narration and sound effects throughout the story are fun and clear…Read more

With all of the recent new research giving more evidence of how important bedtime stories are for kids, we think Mr. Glue Stories will be a great addition to your bedtime routine! This is an interactive story in which kids choose different elements along the way to customize the story. …Read more