From App to Book : printing personalised stories.

One of the things that struck us when we started up Mr Glue Stories, was that there seemed to be a world of digital books out there, and a world of traditional books and not a lot going on in between.

Great, we thought, let’s do a bit of bridging! Let’s grab the exciting bits that technology has to offer and create digital stories, but digital stories which will have the look and feel of traditional books. So we did that, and you might even be using the Mr Glue Stories app already. (Thank you if that’s you, and I hope you’re enjoying it!!)

Then we thought, let’s bridge it some more! Let’s create the possibility of actually producing a paperback – your own personalised story, with your own drawings, from the app. So we did that too and now that the printing side of this enterprise is working smoothly, we thought it would be a good moment to launch a competition!

Here are the details:

We are running a prize draw for all Mr Glue friends and fans:
Order your personalised printed book during September and win entry to a prize draw to get a second printed book for FREE!
Haven’t downloaded the FREE app yet?
It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
1) just click on this link on your iPad:…,
2) choose one of the four FREE stories to personalise with/for your child (adding their name, different characters and elements to the story, their drawings and their recordings with sound effects)
3) when you have finished the story, save it as finished and then order a glossy printed version in the app for just £13.99 plus P&P.
Your child will love not only seeing their name in print, but their choice of character, as well as their own drawings published in a proper book that looks like it’s come from the bookstore! It’s also the perfect gift.
For those early birds that order a book before 21st September, we’ll double your chances by entering you twice… and if you decide to order 3 books in one go … we’ll treble your chances … so why not personalise your Mr Glue story today?


Why not indeed?!