The lovely thing about this recipe is that it is incredibly easy and just ridiculously yummy!

I tend to find that there is a distinctly dangerous moment between the time it goes from the NOTES_labelsaucepan into the jug and from the jug to the table. The sad fact, my friends, is that very often it never makes it to its destination. What’s even more shocking about this, is that occasionally, I cannot even blame it on the Glue Crew testing team. (Whisper it very quietly – yes, the culprit is me!)

Anyway, moving swiftly on from these guilty admissions, the nice thing is all the different things that you can do with this sauce. It can go on a multitude of puddings, and you can play around with the sauce itself. (For a grown up version, it is lovely with a tablespoon of brandy or whisky added!)


Add it to Ice-cream, sponge puddings, poached pears, apple crumble, toast and marmite (no, not really. Ignore that one. That was a helpful comment from someone behind me. )

Pour it over chopped up bananas and add some whipped cream for a speedy bannoffee pie (without the pie bit).


If you have any thoughts and ideas on the subject of toffee sauce, please do get in touch with us. We love hearing from you!