Why on Earth have we made this cake Sagittarius’s?NOTES_label

Something to do with Journey to the Stars and the fact that I particularly liked the picture and had to make an excuse to use it!

I’ve always sweepingly said that carrot cake was for horses so Sagitarrius seemed like the perfect character. In fact, now having tested and tweaked the recipe, I think I’m coming round to it myself. (Neigh.)


‘What no cake?’


Our youngest tester helped us out with this cake. Lovely Victor and his mother Tanja sent us these wonderful photos…

Victor and carrot cake1 Victor and carrot cake2 Victor and carrot cake 4 Victor and carrot cake 5

It’s the excitement that I love: this is totally what cooking should be all about!


Top tips

Grating things. Hmmm, yes. Very easy to grate ones fingers while grating carrots, lemon zest or whatever it is. Ouch. Recently I’ve come across these ingenious little devices  which look after your hands for you. Very neat! (Also – Gouda website! Check out the clogs. Quite fancy some myself.)

This isn’t a top tip, more of a ‘what about’ sort of thing. My son recently made a beetroot cake (yummy – yes really!) and that made me wonder what other great veg one could bung into a cake. Replacing the carrot with grated courgette, grated beetroot, grated parsnip? (I think even I draw the line at grated swede.) Anyway, we are going to go and experiment and see what we can come up with and as always we will keep you posted. As ever, please tell us if you have any great ideas you think we should be trying out too. hello@mrgluestories.com