I confess it – I am a dinosaur in the world of technology. I have a prehistoric phone, I have no idea what Twitter does, and as someone who values my privacy, Facebook is something that sends me off screaming in the opposite direction. However, I do realise that this is something I’m going to have to get to grips with.

Sharing’s the thing it seems, so let me totally get to grips with it by suggesting that the next obvious step with this app, is to share the story that has just been created. The child can email it to their grandparents, or the best friend who also features in the tale, or whoever it may be.

And what about the other way round? Why not use the app to set up a story for a child living a long way away and read it to them? It all about sharing.

Magic. Pass on the joy. Maybe I’m getting it at last?


boy friend -  sharing the storygirl friend - sharing the story