Yesterday we had a lovely review from Smart Apps for Kids, and they posted a video on Youtube. (Thank you – our download rate soared!)


I read the bits they liked (and felt all nice and warm and glowing) and then got stuck into the comments bit. Having read that, I thought it would be nice to answer, because, I think they are right!

So, firstly, more Mr Glue stories – YES! We are delighted that you want more.

It’s always been our aim to build a big library of stories, but as you rightly point out, it’s a time consuming process – not that we are going to let that daunt us in any way. We are in the throes of building a book management system. This allows us not just to load up text, images and sound, but also has a rendering engine built into it, so that the grammar and content changes correctly as the child makes choices throughout the story. We will then be able to produce new stories for you! There are two ready and waiting to go (Tooth and Claw, which is a story about Knights, Dragons, Princesses and toothbrushes, and Thank You Zoo! which is a birthday story with lots of animals. And cake.) If you want to have a look at them in their unpersonalised form, you can check them out on Kindle. And there are plenty more in development.

The next step is to create a web-reader so that Mr Glue Stories can be accessed through the internet (not just iPad).

Your next suggestion was that story changing options would be good, and yes, we agree! This will be part of a future build, but needs some thought so that we get it right. I am not even going to begin suggesting a time frame for this, because if I have learnt one thing since we launched into this world of digital storytelling, it is that everything takes far longer than you first imagined!

Thirdly, you mention the accuracy of the colouring tool. Yes, it is a little clumsy. Have you tried using a stylus? My children found it helped quite a bit. Let us know….

Lastly, we would love to bring you a narrated version of your child’s story, and we have looked at ways in which we could do this without sounding stilted, as the personalised elements are read out. For the time being, we would like to put a narrated generic version of each story onto Youtube, and we hope to have them available before Christmas. I will keep you posted on this one!

Once again, thank you for your lovely review, and the video!