Gosh – we went through a lot of different recipes for Snuffles the Mouse’s Chocolate Mousse before we worked out one that we liked!NOTES_label

There were ones where you melt butter together with the chocolate, ones with cream, ones without cream, with coffee, orange….

In the end we had a go at the one from Elizabeth David’s Classic French Cookery which we liked because the quantities were so easy: one egg and 30g of chocolate per person. It was easy and lovely!

There was only one slight hitch: maybe it was because we weren’t doing it quite right, but if you left it in the fridge overnight, it started to separate. Now of course you could argue that no one in their right minds leaves chocolate mousse sitting around in the fridge for any length of time (well do they?) but one of our tasters said that he felt it was just a bit too fluffy as far as he was concerned.

So we upped the amount of chocolate, and added some double cream. Bingo – there we had it!


Top Tips

Separating eggs can be a bit troublesome. Here is an easy way to do it: break the egg into a saucer, hold the yolk down with an egg cup, tip the egg white into a bowl. Et voilà!

IMG_1189ffffIMG_1194   IMG_1195



Whisking whites until they are stiff:

What does this actually mean? Well, if you lift the whisk out, the egg whites should make peaks and patterns, like this:



And finally… Oh yum!


(And why did we decide that it was going to be Snuffles the Mouse’s Chocolate Mousse? Well, it has all got something to do Snuffles’s secret life as an inventor. And bicycles. You will have to find the answer in the pages of Mission Cookpossible. See if you can find it and then let us know! Oh yes, and send us some pics of your chocolate mousse. or the empty bowls! hello@mrgluestories.com)