Now that we’d gone so far with the music, we needed some sound effects.

My brother in law, Magnus, pointed out that we weren’t Radio 4, so not to even try creating sound effects at that sort of level. What we needed was something that came across as ‘home made’; something that children themselves could make.

This was wise advice on two counts: firstly it does actually sound great, but also as we had a budget of zilch, being able to record on a smart phone and use a free bit of sound software to play around with it suited us just fine!

We approached Stewart and suggested things like explosions and galloping hooves and snoring. Stewart said that he’d be happy to get stuck in, made sound effects galore with the children at Primrose Hill Primary School, recorded some of the best evil cackles I’ve ever heard for our ‘enemies’, and became the voice of Mr Glue.


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