When my children were just starting off at Primary School, the high point of our week was our visit to ‘The Blue Bookshop’, or, to give it its real name Tales on Moon Lane , which was just across the road from the school gates.

It was everything that a good children’s bookshop should be: extremely knowledgeable staff, and as a result a fabulous array of books, visits from all sorts of authors and illustrators, sofas, a model train set, and the sort of atmosphere that made you want to move in permanently and set up camp (in my case ideally in the picture book section).

We were completely gutted when they moved to Herne Hill! Anyway, that was some years ago, and I decided to get in touch with them last week, on the off chance that they might consider selling Mission Cookpossible through the shop.

It’s extraordinarily difficult to get your name out there, as we discovered right from the beginning with the launch of the Mr Glue app without a monumentally huge marketing budget – sadly something we just didn’t have, and weren’t likely to acquire. (I had thought about approaching this problem in ‘Kind Hearts and Coronets‘ style, but, well… Anyway, I didn’t. Probably a bit slack of me, but there you go.) So anyway, back to the marketing problem and how to deal with being invisible…

Rather excitingly, the email that I sent about Mission Cookpossible received a very positive reply! Tamara MacFarlane, who runs Tales on Moon Lane, and her colleague Clare Stanhope, are busy setting up a new website to be a platform for independently published authors and small independent publishers, Cantputitdown…  What an incredibly exciting development! What was even more exciting was that they were extremely welcoming and I immediately started filling out forms and sending over images to start the ball rolling when it launches at the end of May.

It’s a fabulous project and I’m looking forward enormously to seeing how it all pans out. Thank you so much Tamara and Clare!