The Mr Glue Book Review has recently been having a bit of a session with the bookshelves in number 2 child’s bedroom. Ostensibly this was all about clearing up, as painting is about to take place (‘pink is for babies, Mummy. What about black?’), but it didn’t take long before it had turned into an enormously enjoyable evening sitting in a beanbag and re-reading some truly tremendous books. (I love housework!)

Anway, one of the ones that I pulled out and that I thought I’d share with you is ‘Dougal’s Deep-Sea Diary’ by Simon Bartram. I do slightly wonder whether this was written more for grown ups than children. (‘Had enough of work – time for new horizons!’)


Still as everyone knows – a good book is a good book – not just one aimed at this one or that one.  It’s low key and very funny.

So Dougal goes to work every day along with all the other besuited commuters. And clearly doesn’t fit in. Love the fact that it’s written in timed snippets: 8.32 did this… 9.46 did that. You can do so much reading between the lines!


Anyway, it’s ok about boring life and not fitting in, because he’s about to go on holiday. Diving, which is his favourite thing in the world!

Splash! We dive down into the depths with Dougal – the pictures are wonderful. You need to keep on looking as there are creatures and all sorts of things hidden away.

Dolphin shows, shark gazing and yes! Treasure!

IMG_1534   IMG_1536

And this is the crucial part: Dougal hands in the treasure to the authorities. In return, they give him a beautiful submarine. Yay! More exploring. Dougal has forgotten to hand in the maps that he found with the treasure. (That does bother him a bit.) He decides to follow them and then lo! Atlantis!


It exists after all. Not only that, but everyone there is great, and invites him to stay. Will he? Won’t he? Well…


This is definitely a book to read when you are having those little commuter blues moments. Oh and as far as the children are concerned – it’s a great book for them too! The Mr Glue Book Review definitely gives this one the thumbs up!