So far (hooray) we seemed to be hitting the right note: one night some mates came for supper with their children. The children obligingly went upstairs to try out this thing I’d been boring everybody’s ears off for months about. They came down and then discussed one of my favourite villains (Clorabella Swish, Queen of Fashion) for about an hour and a half without pausing for breath (utterly ignoring painstakingly cooked supper. Still, I was too happy about one to fret about the other.)

All of us had been trying it out on our children, nephews, nieces, godchildren and friends. Everyone was enthusiastic but of course it’s all very well trying these things out on your nearest and dearest – you’ve really got to take the plunge and go for an audience who don’t know you and know nothing about it to start off with.

Time to get out there and see what people really thought..

.Mr Glue in hot weather - trying it out