And now I am very happy to be writing a blog welcoming Mak Archer to the team!

At the beginning of 2015 Mak joined the Mr Glue team, to help us develop on the technology front.

Now that the app was out there and being used, we had plans to expand the world of Mr Glue Stories. We had always wanted to make the app available over Android and the web; we had also envisaged making Mr Glue into a platform so that we could attract authors and illustrators to contribute stories, add to the Mr Glue library and earn royalties. Equally, we wanted to build a web shop to start selling some of the magnificent artwork that Jose had worked hard to create as posters, postcards, t-shirts and so on. We really needed someone with a thorough grip on the technology on the team to help us turn these plans into reality!

Carrie had worked with Mak at Vibrant Media, and got in touch with him. Mak certainly did seem to have a thorough grip on the technology! With a degree in Information Technology, he has worked in this field over the course of twenty years. He has developed technology systems for different businesses, from international organisations to start-ups, both in the UK and the US. His projects go from off-shore fire and safety systems to CCTV surveillance of the open outcry trading pits at LIFFE and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and he has worked for companies such as Vibrant Media, JW Player and Nourish Snacks. He has great experience building and managing teams at a global level, and specialises in Getting Things Done!

We felt that ‘open outcry trading pits’ sounded downright dangerous and so we were keen to persuade him that this was the right moment to launch himself into children’s publishing and fortunately for us, he agreed.

He is currently completing Mr Glue’s Book Management System, which not only allows us to add more stories, illustrations, sounds and animations, but also goes part of the way to getting the app to be more widely available.  He has also embarked on a revamp of the website and there are plenty more plans in the pipeline. We are thrilled that he has come to join us!


He lives in Sussex with his wife and dog, and is delighted that he can now temper the world of technology with planting potatoes and walking out of his back door onto the South Downs. (Yes, we are jealous! Ed.)